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Hey send me an e-mail and im happy to post anything you want over here, but please guys i wud like to keep this site so rudeness will be censored;) since i know what all use is like:P

you can now say anythung you want at the following forum:

Visit my message board
ForumOne by Onecenter

however im stil cool wit puttin stuff here so its your choice!

Happy Birthday Rulan cumin up on sat had to be the first-Anon

Yo happy belated bday to alisha soz its late-Anon

Aadil You LEG Dis site is so sick man-Ibz


Free food at my house-Anon
(y do i not know u man :-( lol)

Nilay is a s*** loving anil assassin and a total man magnet-Anon;)

Big Up aadil.... Ayub u look jokes lol! May stunning as usual...nuff luv sazi xxx-Saarah

I love u loads and loads Saarah- Aadil;)

Ameera didn wan her pic up so soz ppl-:(

Hey ria jus wanted to say i love u loads and loads keep smilin;)- Aadil

Hey baby! love u loadz too! i will keep smilin :D lol! keep bein a cutie pie!- xxx Ria xxx

Hey ruli..omg ur bday cumin up soon!! ahhh cant wait! lol joka of da yr! lov u lotas n lotas TWINS 4EVA ;) Frm da 1 n only.....XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX -Anon

Aadil should run for england......Wooohhh!! C U L8aaaa-Ravz

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